Are you ready to re-imagine yourself?

Walk in the steps of an ancient Queen ... and embody her timeless wisdom

Wherever you are in your life: forging your identity as a young woman, becoming a mother, dealing with parenting and losing yourself, feeling stuck or directionless, feeling dry and arid, wanting more

vitality and purpose - give yourself the opportunity to reflect deeply on yourself, your values and ways of being.

The Inanna story empowers to do the inner work we need to do.

I have created a process for you to find new ways of being and deepen your connection with your deepest self, other people and the earth.

Re-imagining Ourselves is an easy to follow process full of beautiful imagery with reflective questions and meditations to support you along the way.

At any time you can reach out to me and arrange a mentoring session.

Listen to Jacquie telling her version of  the Inanna story.

Re-imagining Ourselves is organised into three Parts

1. Gathering

2. Release and Reconnection

3. Cultivation

You will be guided to follow in Inanna's footsteps on your own process of change and transformation.

Cost of EACH Part:    $50.00 USD (approx $70.00 NZD)

Once you have completed Part 1, you will get access to Part 2, and 3

More about this amazing journey ...

Re-imagining Ourselves Part 1

Part : Gathering.

We will dive into the story of Inanna, ancient Sumerian Queen of Heaven and Earth. She hears the call to embark on a journey of renewal and transformation. She gathers together her talismans of power and tells her ally what to do if she doesn't return.

We too need to lay the foundation for our work by getting clear about our intention, gathering self knowledge, building trust and safety through finding allies who will support us.

Re-imagining Ourselves Part 2

Part 2: Release, Reconnection and Renewal.

This Part is the 'heart' of this work. We will follow Inanna's footsteps as she releases the symbols of her outer power. Reaching the Underworld, she surrenders to Ereshkigal's realm.

As Inanna and Ereshkigal are witnessed in their grief, we too will kindle our self sense of self compassion.

We learn, too, about staying in the darkness - where all possibilities reside. That which needs to be released can fall away allowing new beginnings to emerge. We will reconnect with our essential creativity and come to the unknown or untamed energy inside of ourselves.

Re-imaging Ourselves Part 3

Part 3 is all about Cultivating.

We explore the lessons from Inanna's Return and how balance is created. Now that the path to the Underworld has been opened, we need to honour and stay connected with our own Ereshkigal.

Nurturing the new shoots of our creativity, whatever that means for us, requires us to be vigilant to the pressures on us to fall back into old ways of being. We will continue to strengthen our resilience and deepen our connection with our tribe of friends and supporters.


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