"I have so enjoyed your magical course. You are a very special woman. I felt safe and nurtured, and I feel like I have been able to put to rest a number of aspects that have caused me sadness and on which I have been stuck."

Walk in the steps of an ancient Queen ... and embody her timeless wisdom

Wherever you are in your life: forging your identity as a young woman, becoming a mother, dealing with parenting and losing yourself, feeling stuck or directionless, feeling dry and arid, wanting more vitality and purpose - give yourself the opportunity to reflect deeply on yourself, your values and ways of being.

The Inanna story empowers to do the inner work we need to do.

I have created a process for you to find new ways of being and deepen your connection with your deepest self, other people and the earth.

Re-imagining Ourselves is an easy to follow process full of beautiful imagery with reflective questions and meditations to support you along the way.

At any time you can reach out to me and arrange a mentoring session.

Re-imagining Ourselves is organised into three Parts

1. Gathering

2. Release and Reconnection

3. Cultivation

You will be guided to follow in Inanna's footsteps on your own process of change and transformation.

Contact me if you are interested :)


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