Older and Bolder

As a society, we are fixated on youth. Beauty, innovation and creativity are purported to belong to the young. The older woman, especially is rendered invisible. The beauty industry targets women's anxieties and desperation to look younger. I have written about this here.

Let's change all that! Let's step into our power and celebrate our resilience, our strength and our creativity.

We may be in the autumn of our lives  - and autumn is the most spectacular season of all. Let's make these years our best yet.

Let's find renewed purpose, rekindle passion and tend our inner gardens of meaning, connection and joy!

My vision!

Staying physically and cognitively healthy is vital, and yet it strikes me that this next phase of our lives is more of an inner journey, a turning-in to tend to our inner garden – our soul life, so that we live with no regrets as we prepare for what may be the greatest transition ever.

I believe that what will make this next phase of our lives, the best yet, is to be bold.

And so I am stepping into the fire and inviting you to be bold: as a woman, mother, partner, friend, grandmother or auntie.

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I can't help growing older. I can choose to grow older and bolder!

"None of us are getting out of here alive."

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