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I'm in love with Spring!

Everywhere life is burgeoning.

Every day, everywhere we can see rampant growth: new leaves, buds and blossom.

Being in the garden reminds me how AMAZING nature is.

It never ceases to amaze me that a pumpkin seed, for example, knows how to grow into a pumpkin plant and create pumpkins.

We so easily forget what a miracle nature is and how blessed we are that the earth can still produce beauty and food for us, despite the horrors of war and the uncertainty that climate change brings. I have written before about the change I have made as a gardener in the last few years. As much as I loved the garden, I was viewing it in service to my needs for food. Now I view myself as being in service to the garden, the soil, the plants and all the creatures that live here.

Most of us are so removed from the process of growing our own food. When we buy a pumpkin at the supermarket, for example, we don't think about how amazing it is: that a few months ago it was not a pumpkin at all but rather the promise of a pumpkin inside a seed. We are looking at how big it is, how much it costs and so on.

Think about it:  something as small as a seed grows into a plant stretching 2+ metres and creates several pumpkins, each containing a multitude of seeds.

Let's remember how blessed we are that this pumpkin exists and that it has been grown by someone for us to be nourished by! Thank you, thank you, thank you!

Spring is such a busy time in the garden...

Providing a rich environment to give the seeds and seedlings the best chance to thrive is an important activity this month. Foraging is king! We collect seaweed, grass clippings and leaves for the compost and to use as mulch to retain moisture over the summer months.

Our resident blackbirds thinks that the sole purpose of our garden is to provide nutrient dense mulch for them to spread around the place!

And if the birds are causing you too much of a headache, there are some great ideas to reduce their impact. Check out

Back to COMPOST!

Our compost area is the heart - the 'engine room' - of the garden.

Spring in the Inner Garden:

So what does this season mean for us as people. How does our inner garden reflect what is happening in nature?

We too are like seeds. We hold enormous potential within ourselves. And like seeds, we too know how to grow to become more creative, more courageous, kinder or ... (you fill in the space with your desire). And, like seeds, we also need to create an environment around us that will support and nurture growth within.

Recently, I facilitated an afternoon of 'soul' nourishment for some young people. I feel privileged that I have the opportunity to hold a space for them to reflect on their lives, celebrate what they are discovering about themselves and explore the challenges they are facing as they navigate gender, relationships, purpose and everything in between!

These are big questions.

During the afternoon, we used the analogy of gardening to think about inner gardening and nourishment.

I asked the question: what nourishment was necessary / needed in their lives and especially how could they support and protect the shoots of new insights, decisions and choices they were making.

Making meaningful connections is so important. Finding people who will 'be with' us with love and encouragement is GOLD.

We need to choose wisely who and what we share. Sometimes it is useful not to share but to nurture our inner garden until the changes we are making on the inside are well rooted and can withstand the harsh cold winds of opinions and judgements from others. Opinions and judgements don't serve us.

Like my lettuces, we need to protect new growth. I cover new vulnerable seedlings with mini glass houses made out of plastic bottles. A win:win for the plant and reusing drink bottles. Not recycling - this is upcycling!

And after a few weeks, the seedlings are strong enough to withstand the odd cold snap!

What can I say except:


Some questions for reflection:

What seeds are you planting in your inner garden?

How can you give them all the nourishment they deserve?

How do you need to protect them?

Happy growing!

arohanui - with love



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