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Gardening with Soul, Soul Gardening - My new creative project

It’s taken me a while to get this!

I have spent most of my life I trying to suss out what I needed to do in order to be noticed, loved, accepted and taken seriously. And, in the process I have learnt many things and worked with many amazing people. Creating 'Re-imagining Ourselves' a few years ago was the start of listening to what wanted to be created from within me....

A while ago I was speaking with a dear friend and was telling her about my deep enjoyment of gardening and how the garden provided me with so many rich analogies that I use in my mentoring work.

She asked me why I wasn’t writing and sharing my practical knowledge and ideas about creating and caring for a garden combined with the analogies I use all the time about tending our inner landscape in my work.

 The penny dropped with a big CLUNK.

Gardening, both the outer and inner, is what brings the most joy, beauty, nourishment, sense of purpose and a deep feeling of connection and service into my life, my work and my relationships …

A seed is planted

So the seed of the idea of creating an offering to bring those two loves together was planted.

As of April, 2022, I have committed to write every month about what I am doing in the garden I share with my lovely partner Terence …. And, in time to also link those processes to the work of tending our inner garden.

So, watch this space!


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