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I can't help growing older. I can choose to grow older and bolder!

‚Äč"None of us are getting out of here alive!"

This quote has been attributed to a number of people, including actors Richard Gere and Anthony Hopkins.

In fact it originates on a Facebook chat from Nanea Hoffman in May 2015. The quote goes on to encourage the reader to live life to the fullest.

Great advice.

Nanea Hoffman looks (to me) to be a young woman who writes a popular 'Anxiety Blob'.

This phrase 'None of us is getting out of here alive' is especially apt for those of us who are over 55 or 60 years of age.

I am aware that I am in the autumn of my life. For me, is not so much about walking in the sunshine, eat the delicious food or jumping in the ocean -- I do those things already.

No, it is about having the courage and guts to begin to turn towards the greatest of thresholds - death - and be real and honest with myself.

I want to look death fair and square in the eye - and know that I can die with no regrets, so I am asking myself the questions:

'Do I have unfinished business with anyone?',

'Is there anything I would regret not doing before I die?'

I am not talking about going to Tuscany or skydiving.... I am talking about what I am calling emotional and spiritual accounting.

What do I need to complete, find closure about, dare to do before it is too late.

If I want to make these my best years yet, then how do I need to live?

And you know what? Answering those questions could feel like the biggest and best leap of faith possible ...

Asking myself these questions and committing to live even more fully, has struck a chord with other women - and so I am creating a new (old) offering, which I am calling 'Older and Bolder'.

It is an invitation to grab life with both hands and a courageous heart.

It is an invitation to listen to the voice within that says "I would love to .....'

It is an invitation to step into the fire and dance. To be visible and seen for the beautiful flawed woman you are.

Creating these resources for mature women is one of the items on my emotional and spiritual bucket-list.

I wonder what might be on your emotional and spiritual bucket-list?

If you are interested in answering these questions for yourself and stepping into your own version of boldness, I would love to hear from you.

with warmth and love

Jacquie Mary


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