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I am seething about this advert!

This ad was in the NZ Herald this morning (12/5/2021):

I am pissed at this ad and here is why!

This advert plays into women's fears that

... we are not good enough, just as we are

... our appearance is what is important

...  wrinkles are to be got rid of

...  as mothers of young women, we are comparing her boyfriend with our own

I am just horrified by the implications of such statements.

I am disgusted that in 2021, we are still not encouraging women to embrace getting older with acceptance and realness.

Give me wrinkles any day. I would rather have wrinkles than the anxiety

that comes from worrying about whether I am looking good enough to catch
a man young enough to be my son.

What the F**k?

What is this advert telling us about our (amazing) bodies that have borne children?

What is this advert telling us about life and the process of aging?

What is this advert teaching our daughters (and sons)?

The advert goes on to say .....

Life is full of little hiccups. It is also full of BIG hiccups sometimes.... like losing my job, the death of a partner, my own and other's mental health.

What this ad is implying is that those hiccups can be smoothed away with some new ant-wrinkle product.

This is utter bullsh*t.

Sh*t happens. Those hiccups deserve and need to be listened to, worked through so we find a place of acceptance and compassion for ourselves and others. We can make meaning of such hiccups with reflection, mindfulness and support from both our family, friends and professionals.

To give the impression that life's hiccups can be made better with some expensive, toxic product is distasteful to say the least.

If you want to stand strong as you get older, then contact me and let's work together to create circles of women who can support each other as well as be REAL, authentic and powerful models for younger women.

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