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I am Re-imagining Myself my way ...

This morning I awoke out of a dream where I was holding a tiny, new born baby.

Given that I am a woman in my mid-60's I quickly realised that this was a powerful image and message from my unconscious.

In the rich landscape of the liminal space, transitioning from a sleep state to wakefulness, I knew in my bones that this 'dream' baby symbolised Re-imagining Ourselves, which is a 'creation' out of my deep instinctual nature.

Clarissa Pinkola Estes speaks of this wildish nature at our core as being 'natural, free and utterly wise'. Here are her words:

Creating Re-imagining Ourselves took me most of 2020, about nine months. Is it a coincidence that time period is the gestation of a child? I think not.

There are strong parallels in the transition to motherhood with creating something like Re-imagining Ourselves.

Becoming a mother, parenting a young child and creating Re-imagining Ourselves have been the most creative processes of my life, that's for sure.

Birthing a baby or a creative project require surrender. I didn't know how the birth experience was going to be for me ... what I did now was that I needed to trust, to show up, to be as prepared as possible - and then jump.

Both processes - like any journey - had unforeseen twists and turns and plenty of challenges:

As a mother, my challenge lay in becoming conscious of and overcoming my learnt tendency to abandon myself, to lose myself when I got frightened, as I had done as a young child.

What this meant as a parent, was becoming aware of the times I was trying to fit in and be acceptable to others. Not being authentic to my own instinctual nature, resulted in me abandoning myself and my values. At these times, I also abandoned my son,. There were times when I f*cked up, didn't listen to his needs because I wanted him to be like other kids, conform and so on ...

So, too with the process of giving birth to this other 'baby' - Re-imagining Ourselves. There were many times when I was concerned as to whether my offering would be acceptable, liked, loved. That fear almost derailed me and the creative process at times.

When I look back on creating a baby and creating Re-imagining Ourselves,  I needed to trust the innate wisdom in myself as well as the wisdom in the other - my son and in the Inanna story. Both were giving me an opportunity to know myself and be more of myself. They was providing a path for me to follow.

I want to birth my way, parent my way, create my way, find my own path

Creativity requires preparation, trust, surrender, a healthy sense of humour and lots of resilience and determination

Re-imagining Ourselves has been born and like parenting a child, there is learning to be done as to how best nurture and foster it to grow. It is all too easy to be influenced by the current way of doing things - and that is so true in the world of social media and marketing. 'Post a million times a day'.... so much of the marketing hype feels so inauthentic and false.

The synchronicity is astonishing -  a few hours after my waking dream of this baby, a blog by Cassie Roma who has lots of kick-ass things to say about marketing slid into my inbox. It is called 'March, March to your own drum in 2021". She talks about BOLDNESS:

To quote:

I reckon business, storytelling, content, & strong channel
strategies will be favour the BOLD amongst us....   We're featuring BOLD
WOMEN all month long across all of our channels.

I had the thought: Cassie Roma needs to know about me and my boldness!

I have emailed her with my  video. I am a BOLD woman who wants to find a way to grow Re-imagining Ourselves MY way. I don't yet know what that way is -- what I do know is that I will know how it feels when I find it.

I want to find ways to 'market' Re-imagining Ourselves that follow my instinctual nature and not be influenced by the current fads that make me abandon this beautiful (as yet) small creation.

What I think that means is that I need to write, tell stories, be real, be bold ... and TRUST.

Talking about BIrth is MY way.

Talking about Death is MY way (as in my last blog 'Love Letters to Death # 1'.

Talking about the Inanna story and that kick-ass Queen of the Underworld, Ereshkigal

Talking about Transitions and understanding the death and birth aspects of every transition is MY way.

Being BOLD is my way - and feeling the fear, and the vulnerability of this small naked baby / creative impulse is my way too.

Watch this space!


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