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Thoughts on authenticity: what does it really look like? Cutting through the BS

Now that I have finished creating the content for Re-imagining Ourselves, I am exploring different options of letting people know that it exists.

I have been researching who might be able to assist me with this. It's a BIG world out there!

This blog is not about which digital marketing platform I am going to use or who I am going to work with to get the word out there.


What I am struck with that most blogs / articles / posts talk about how we need to find strategies to get through this new situation of Covid and create a new normal. Blogs abound with ideas for mindful practices to build resilience.

This is all good - and, all these suggestions keep us on a 'doing' level.

What if we looked at our lives in a completely different way ... that Covid and what we have experienced this year is actually an opportunity to sink way deeper down inside ourselves and reflect on who we are, who we truly are.

For me this year has been an amazing opportunity to step into my authenticity in a way I haven't before.

What does that really mean?

'I am an expression of Love in the world'
'I am an expression of Love in the world'

It has meant taking a good long look at my life,

It has meant taking a good long look at myself, my strengths, the places I feel small,

It has meant reconnecting with my dreams and ways I have stopped myself from realising them,

It has meant looking fear straight and square .... 

It has meant taking risks - financial, relational and especially inside myself.

It has meant being willing to be visible

and most of all it has meant being willing to be vulnerable: to allow others to see all of me, not just the beautiful, strong parts that can cope, be strong, and 'get on with it', work harder....

No, it has meant leaning in and accepting the frightened parts of myself.

It has meant accepting and allowing the small girl who so wanted to be seen, and findign ways to embody and different reality.

It has meant allowing myself to stand in the light and feel the ambivalent feelings that come with visibility.

Because once I have stepped into the limelight, and received the warmth
and acceptance from others, then my old story doesn't fit any more. I
need to let go of that old security blanket and bury it ... or even better use it as mulch in my inner and outer garden.


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