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'I want an older woman in my life!'

I was listening to a super smart highly successful professional woman this week who had the question: 'Where are the older women who can listen ...  guide ... (fill in the blank) me?'

She asked me how I see myself.

Yes, I am now an older woman. Older not old!

There are some things I am not:

I am not a therapist, even though I have many years of training. I do not see the women who seek me out as in need of healing. We are already whole and complete, but we have forgotten that. We can expand and be more of ourselves.

I am not a life coach. I trained as a life coach many years ago and found it to be very focused on the physical world and behaviour. We are way more than our thoughts and actions.

That is what I am not -- so how do I see myself?

I see myself like a tree

The image that came instantly to my mind was of one of my favourite trees - above.

I am a strong tree ...

I have deep roots which keep me grounded and steady - and at the same time I am flexible

I stand between the earth and the physical world and the heavens - I am a bridge between earth and sky

I have a strong trunk to lean into. How often do we get to do that, as busy successful women? Or as women who are struggling?

I create a space for you to be with yourself. .... I hold a space ....waiting .... believing in you.

How often do you get the opportunity to sit under a shady tree and lean into it's stability and strength. You will feel supported and heard.

This is what we all yearn for .... to be seen, to feel that we have value and are valued.

I am so grateful to be this tree for you.

Come and sit awhile ... and sink down into your own roots

Come and sit awhile ... and get a sense of how much bigger you are ... you are much bigger than you think you are. Your branches can reach towards the stars.

Come and sit awhile ...  I am waiting for you


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