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Honouring (some of) the women who have been part of my journey

Look at this! An old photo - January, 2005, Bay of Plenty Times (Tauranga, Aotearoa / New Zealand.

Here are some of the 'heroines' who participated in my first retreat for women, aptly called 'The Heroine's Journey'. It ran over 6 months in 2004, up in the hills.

It was an amazing experience for me especially, following on from the success of my play, Kur the year before. How young we look! Women in mid-life splendor, plumbing the depths and feeling so creative and (almost) invincible.

What touches me as I look at this photo is that today most of us are still on a 'heroine's journey' together.

Elaine, Kim, Nicola and I reconnected at the beginning of 2020, when Elaine came back to NZ after living back in her native Europe for the last 15 years. Now we meet on Zoom every fortnight.

I look forward to those catch ups - where we each take time to check-in and the others listen. This kind of support group is a true treasure.  As Brene Brown says:

Finding allies is so important if we are to make changes in our lives and sustain them.

This is one of the first important steps on any transformational journey. 

It certainly is on Re-imagining Ourselves.

These women have been part of my journey of creating Re-imagining Ourselves. They listened to me at the beginning of the creative process as I agonized over making videos. Now months later, I feel like I am an old-hand. In fact, my partner said the other day when I announced I was starting to make promo videos - that I couldn't stop myself now! And its true - once I got my head around seeing myself, making a video really does feel like I am talking to women.

Back to my allies: These stalwart supporters have been part of the 'testing team' and have given me such valuable feedback and of course it is also wonderful to hear that Re-imagining Ourselves is useful, powerful and nourishing to heart and soul.

"the story of Innana – You did this beautifully ,  so engaging and absorbing, mesmerising – told so beautifully and the imagery was powerful and dynamic. Loved the way you spoke , slowly , thoughtfully and your hand expressions and your whole being synergised with the story.  Top marks for presentation, flow, background .  The combination of you as storyteller and the back up images that complemented the story worked seamlessly. You locked the elements together. Well done."

I am so grateful to have you in my life, you gutsy, strong women!

Thank you from the bottom of my heart!

with love Jacquie


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