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On Being vs Doing

It is ironic that we are called human beings when in fact most of us are on the go, most of the time. We are human doings.

I certainly am. I have just spent a good few hours in my garden which I love doing. Building a compost pile, laying pavers for a new patio … pottering. I enjoy feeling physically tired after working hard. I know I will sleep well tonight.

It takes discipline for me to remember to have down time – and I don’t mean on my phone! I mean reflection or meditation time, time to day dream and allow my thoughts and feelings to wash over me with no goal or agenda.

Manfred Max Neef, the Chilean economist, collaborated on the development of a theory of human needs which unlike Maslow’s was not a hierarchy.

Let’s get curious today about leisure.

Neef et al identified that in order to be fulfilled, the need for leisure requires imagination, tranquillity, spontaneity, daydreaming, relaxation, intimate places and places to be alone.

And Max Neef wasn’t just talking about these needs just being for adults. Children have these needs too.

But let start with ourselves

How many of us teachers have leisure – reflection time, time to day dream, time to be alone, time in nature -  consistently in our lives, I wonder?

It is so restorative to take a walk in nature. Today I went for a walk in Smiths Bush, Northcote Auckland. Even though I didn’t get away from the hum of the traffic noise, wandering along the path through tall kahikatea trees and huge puriri trees was magical.

It is so ironic that many of us have to plan to have space to muse / day dream and the time to be alone.

When was the last time you did something creative – doodled? painted?

Or simply sat and pondered?

I would love to hear how that was for you.

How can we possibly encourage our children to get all of their human needs met, when we are not doing that for ourselves?




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