Do You Want More?

Re-imagining Ourselves

Do you feel there is something missing?  More connection with yourself and others?

Are you at a crossroads in your life?

There are lots of ways the call can come: a relationship ending,
redundancy or change in career, empty nest, starting menopause, feeling
trapped, realising something needs to change

Questions may be arising in you: 'who am I?' or 'where have I gone?'

Re-imagining Ourselves is for any woman  who is 'hearing the call' from her deepest self.

Listen.  This is your time.  Grab this opportunity to expand your sense of who you are!

Older and Bolder

Calling all women over 55 who want to make the next phase of life the best yet!

You may be in the autumn of your life ... and, autumn is the most beautiful of seasons: a time of fruitfulness, of harvesting the juiciness and ripeness you have been cultivating over many years….

It is also a time to put in order and finish what needs completing so we can enjoy the rays of the setting sun.

This 'getting older' is an inner process - an inside job. Forget the anti-aging elixirs! They promise everlasting youth but it is only skin deep!

Come and be inspired to tend your inner garden with gratitude, care and boldness!

 Live gracefully - and disgracefully!

'Jacquie has outstanding abilities to create, sustain, nurture and grow all aspects of individuals.'

  Dr Lauren Porter   



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